How often

How often should tubing exercises be done? I know for working other muscles its good to give them time to rest or else it will hurt the muscles-ex. bench pressing daily, but does this apply to the rotator cuff as well?


i personally do bands before and after a strenuous arm workout i.e. long toss and bullpens. but i don’t do them on light days or days off…i would say it is good to give them a rest just as any other muscle.

do tubing 3-4 times a week. I don’t believe it’s harmful to do it more than one day in a row, when was the last time you got sore from a tubing workout? :slight_smile:

I have no data to support why , but if I was still pitching , this is one thing I would do daily. 5 min less on xbox, will be time well spent.