How often/much do you throw?


I started a throwing program (self designed) in November. I set up a
popup net and a mound in the garage. I’ve been throwing anywhere
from 50-70 pitches 5-6 times per week.

I used to have quite a lot of shoulder pain, but since I started throwing
practically every day, it’s pretty much gone.

I work on form, self coaching since with the above setup, I can’t really
see what the pitches are doing.

What do you guys do?


I will be 35 Friday. I have been following the “Tuff Cuff” Program for about a year. Throughout the winter, I was throwing 2 50 pitch bullpens a week.

Now that our season has started, the majority of our games are on weekends. I plan on throwing one Bullpen a week (tuesdays), with long toss on thursdays.



FarmYard, you’re on the right track.
Many moons ago, my pitching coach—he was an active major-league pitcher—told me, “Throw every day,” even if it was just fifteen or twenty minutes, just to keep the arm loose. I did so, whether it be just playing catch, or working on my control (I was a snake-jazz pitcher with a lot of breaking stuff so I had to do that), or experimenting with a new pitch—and I was lucky because my regular catcher always had some time to put on the tools of ignorance and get behind the plate and catch for me. As a result I never had a sore arm or any other kind of trouble. :slight_smile: