How much time should youth pitchers take off from throwing each year?

How much time do you guys think youth pitchers should take off from throwing a baseball each year. My 12 year old plays Spring/Summer as well as Fall baseball. I would rather him not play Fall baseball but most select teams for his age play Fall baseball… He didn’t throw for about a month after the summer season ended in July. And he’s going to have about a month off after the fall season before he starts throwing again for the Spring season… Do you guys think this is enough rest time from throwing a baseball?

Also, do you think it’s better to have 2 or 3 months consecutively off from throwing as opposed to taking a month off a few times a year? I’m concerned because my son throws hard and I have seen many kids his age get hurt already…

My son also plays football and basketball.

I can’t tell exactly how much time he should take off, but here’s what I can say. Multiple sports athletes are always better. Coaches will love guys that play more than 1 sport. If your son plays football and basketball and just other sports in general, that will help it work different muscles and use different muscles besides the muscles he uses for pitching. My other bit of advice is you didn’t put this question in a category and by doing that a lot fewer people will see this question. I recommend moving this question to the pitching or workout category and by doing that, you should get more answers to your question.