How much is too much?

My 10 yr old threw about 65 innings this summer and will throw another 10-15 this fall. Thankfully, his coach kept very good pitch counts (1,006 in regular season, about another 150 in All Star tourney). How does this compare to how much is too much? Its been four weeks since his last game and his velocity/accuracy is the best its ever been. I’m concerned over ‘micro injury’ buildup.

This might help:
Remember the most important is pitch count not innings pitched.

The current USA Baseball recommended limits are:

9-10 year old pitchers
50 pitches per game
75 pitches per week
1000 pitches per season
2000 pitches per year

11-12 year old pitchers
75 pitches per game
100 pitches per week
1000 pitches per season
3000 pitches per year

13-14 year old pitchers
75 pitches per game
125 pitches per week
1000 pitches per season
3000 pitches per year

These guidelines are from the USA Baseball Medical & Safety Committee and based on ASMI’s research.

my son throws every day about 60 pitches, maybe 20 are at 100%.
his arm is in the best condition that it has been in since he switched over from playing catcher and rightfield to catcher and pitcher.

he always complained of sorenes in his arm. now since we started throwing everyday he says his arm feels great.

are we lucky or are we looking at wearing his arm out? I have heard that the pro’s throw in the bull pin everyday is that true?

Wow, 1156 pitches in 65 innings. If my math is correct that’s about 10-11 games or 105+ pitches per game! ExProPitcher gives the recommendation from USA and I know we try to keep to that with our pitchers. I know it is enticing to keep throwing the stud up there every game and I have to admit, sometimes we let our pitchers throw 55-60 per game if they were in a groove and sometimes they may hit 100 per week, but that was only occassionally and we felt guilty afterwards :oops: But 100+ pitches a games seems like an awful lot for a 10yr old.

From my experience in pro ball, yes, pro pitchers throw every day. However, not every throwing session is a bullpen session.

In the Cubs organization, for example, starting pitchers threw two bullpens in between starts. (They’d pitch every fifth day.) On the other days, the starters long tossed for appx. 10 minutes. On the long toss days, some worked shadow drills off of the bullpen mound (where a pitcher works on his mechanics without throwing).

Relievers were on an entirely different schedule. And because I was a closer, I was on an even different schedule from the relievers. (The amount of my throwing depended on when I threw last, when I may pitch again, etc.)

But… all of us threw – in some way, shape or form – every day.

I beleive those ASMI standards are base on pitching off a mound “game day throwing”. Like Steven said…we all throw – in some way, shape or form – every day.

Thanks ExPro for the standards and Banidt, I sent you a PM but for everyone else, (who might think I keep sending the stud out) Jon pitched in closer to 45 games, some games one inning. Our 10 yr olds can only throw three innings in a game and of course there are tournament limits.

Am I having trouble with the new math or are the ASMI pitch counts flawed? All three age categories suggest 1,000 pitches per season. Hmmmm, if the number of pitches per game goes up, and the number of pitches per week goes up, and (big assumption here) the seasons get longer as our boys get older (or at least they play more games), then how can the 1,000 pitches per season stay constant? another factor to consider, as the boys get older the fewer number of real pitchers available. At least what I have seen is that as the kids get older, a few who may have pitched a couple dozen innings at 10-12 aren’t pitching at 13-15 or beyond because a) talent, b) desire to play other positions or c) injury (probably from not following ASMI LOL!). Also, I see a huge difference in physical ability between a small 9 yr old and a mature 10 yr old. Bottom line is I think you have to instill on the kid to speak up when there is a tweak or twinge and to respect their gift and that risking injury is worse than not playing at all. On top of pitch counts, of course!

And, I just took another look, 1,000 per season but also annual limits. Up here in Minnesota we have THE season, LOL! OK, we have Fall Ball too but its only 10 games.