How Much Is Too Much Pitching For A Kid

My 8-going-on-9 is playing Fall baseball for the local baseball training center. He played travel baseball and was one of the three main pitchers.

He threw in 18 games over 2.5 months and never threw more than 50 pitches in a game nor more than three innings at a time. There was a month between summer and fall ball. He has thrown two innings in each of the first two weekends of fall and I suspect will repeat that workload each week until the first week of November.

He throws a bullpen twice a week (none for two weeks after end of summer) but only about 15-20 pitches now. During summer, he threw once a week for two or three simulated innings - an “inning” was three strike outs or three walks whichever came first. (He had one three walk inning and that occurred very late in summer season.)

He doesn’t complain of any arm problems and is quick to play any sort of catch.

So is this too much work for a 8/9 year old?

What are you planning on for him as an off-season?

Basketball in November, December and January. Maybe some hitting and groundballs indoors during the winter but not much pitching wise. The Northeast weather should take care of that.

Getting involved and immersing yourself in something other than baseball is great for a number of reasons. After taking a break, a player can be refreshed and rejuvenated upon return to baseball pitching.