How much does weight affect speed?

I am 15, a freshman playing jv. I am 6-4, 155, and throw around 75 with decent control. How do i gain weight, and is my lack of weight affecting my pitching/control?

6’4", 155 lbs. is pretty beanpolish.

You are only 15 though. You will fill out naturally, but a smart strengthening program certainly doesn’t hurt.

get yo weight up son!!!

I personally have a couple different views on weight affecting strength i mean you can very easily see scrawny guys throwing 85+ in high school and a big chubby guy throwing 75 why because of mechanics and arm strength long toss often is the best way i found to increase arm strength the main muscle parts that afffect velocity are Legs, and back theres some components in the arm which can make ones arm whip faster or slower but for the most part your going to get a good deal of strength pushing off the rubber and in your legs.

Mechanics can be key theres many high school and college pitchers who are not throwing to there potential theres little things in there mechanics that can make up a difference of 1-2 or even 5-8 MPH things like balance and practice. These all are far more important then gaining a little weight last time i checked Tim Lincecum isnt that heavy as a matter of fact 5’11 170 thats not exactly huge weight in my mind is not a factor.

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Im gonna offer a few things from my knowledge of weightlifting nutrition, its not gonna happen overnight you have to eat a surplus of calories to gain mass if your really set on gaining weight its not all gonna be muscle my advice would be eat and eat everything you can lift hard you’ll gain some fat but also a good deal of muscle then you can cut down to be more defined and lean. it takes years to gain 20 pounds of muscle so dont think all of it will be muscle but strength is the more important factor you will fill out more once you reach your 20’s but keep eating.

it doesnt affect it too much but it defianty makes a difference

when i was 17 i weighed only 155 and i could consitently put 89mph on target. after taking a few years off and returning to pitching at 185lbs i’m throwing a solid 5mph SLOWER. So in my opinion weight (muscle\fat or otherwise) aren’t going to affect your velocity as much as overall strength and conditioning of the arm. If my arm was at the level i had it at 17 and i had this extra weight then maybe we’d see a difference. But i’m sure extra weight could only come into play after your arm is at 100%