How much do you need to workout?

I have a question i don’t know how much i am supposed to workout. I throw around 100 long toss balls and my arm still feels great. Do i keep throwing until my arm tires or feels sore?

I’m no specialist in throwing. What I would say is that if you can throw 100 and you feel absolutely fine…throw 15 more. Now that said, you should also workout your body as well. I know that with me, my legs takes the hit more than my arm. Especially the quad and the butt muscles, lol. Usually when I have time, I try to do a bunch of squats (~ 100 or so) to keep that muscle…going. I wish I had more time to workout, since I am now learning how to throw hard (kinda said for a 23 year old who LOVES to pitch). But ya, try working out your legs. You may be able to throw a lot harder and accurate by working them as well.

If you do squats, with weights, make sure it is explosive and you want to hear the weights click after the squat. Or you can do what we were taught to do for shot put what you do is the leg press, do 3-5-5 rep wise right after another, with a partner or two, and do as much weights as you can 3 times, then take off a pre-decided amount of weight, and then you do that 5 times, and then you get off the leg press and do 5 jumps, then repeat for two more times. I don’t know if you want to push yourself like that in season, but its definitely a great off season work out.

make sure you run alot of sprints