How much bend should go into your hat?

Pretty self explanatory!

Flat, but not gangster flat. Let me see that ever-so-slight curve :slight_smile:

I like my brim rounded so medium bend.

I prefer the V look, back to the 4th grade!!!

I just leave my hats alone the bend is always good enough sort of like Joba Chamberlain but I will never go Anthony Reyes I repeat NEVER!!! :nono: :nono: :nono: :nono: :nono:

Haha yes Steve. That’s the way I wear my hat, and it’s the best.

I agree with Steven on this one.

I wear my 59fiftys flat, but they bend ever so slightly when they go on my head. I like mine flat like Reyes because I wear glasses and like my brim low. I can’t curve my hats like Adam Wainwright or Tim Lincecum because it will look stupid. Also, where I’m from, flat bills are the style. The only thing that i hate about 59fiftys is that there’s a bunch of stickers. I tear all of those off, and I only buy the caps the players wear on the field.

I prefer to wear mine “gangster” flat. It looks more intimidading on the hill

I don’t tilt them though, that males you look cocky.

i usually tilt my hat because it justs looks cool. It doesnt matter if i am cokcy because i am the best one on my team so i can do pretty much whatever i want and not get into trouble.

want flat, but can deal with a slight bend

Did my boy Steven just say gangster flat? :rofl2:
too funny.

Did my boy Steven just say gangster flat? :rofl2:
too funny.[/quote]

lol, just trying to keep you on your toes :slight_smile:

Jr are you sayin our home boy from Harvard don’t have no street cred??? He’s BEEN to Chicago you know… 8)

lol, yall funny :rolllaugh: