How many throws is 10 minutes of long toss?

Steve, The Long Toss Program you’ve outlined says minutes… 5,8,10,12,15 minutes. What does that equate to in throws. I don’t have a throwing partner so my routine is very different. I throw into an open field. I throw a bucket of 3 dozen balls and count that as 8 minutes. Sometimes I would throw a bucket and a half and count that as 15 minutes. Everybody has a different pace of throwing. How many throws is 5, 8,10,12,15 minutes of throwing? I’m recovering from tendonitis in my elbow and I’m going to start really slow with the 90 day program again, but i want to make sure I don’t over throw and don’t throw too little. Exact numbers would work better for me. Thank you.

Glenn Jacobsen, 24