How many pitches does a Sidearm pitcher need?

Hey guys I’m starting to really locate a sinker well sidearm but im starting to think about other pitches. I feel like I can be successful with a sinker/slider combo but what do you guys think? Do you think I need to add another? Thanks

Why not? There have been many pitchers through the decades who have done very well with a sinker-slider combo, and a lot of them were and are sidearmers. For example, the Yankees’ Spud Chandler in the late 30s up through 1947. And he was a starter to boot. And as for relievers, there was Jim Brosnan who did very well with this combo when he pitched for Cincinnati in the 60s. So if you’ve been thinking about adding a slider to team up with that sinker, go ahead, and being a sidearmer you would very well to pick up the crossfire—I can tell you, a crossfire slider is one of the most unhittable pitches there is. Go to it!

A change up is always effective as well, and it is the easiest to develope

I was a two pitch pitcher (sinker/slider) and did just fine. You will struggle with lefties, and the changeup is the neutralizer there. I could never get the feel for it from that arm slot, so I had to just work in and out on lefties to be effective. The best sidearm changeup I’ve seen was a guy who just threw a fastball with three fingers rather than the full circle change. Might be worth a try.

Three in my opinion:

Fastball, change up, slider.

Steve, that is just about the deadliest pitch combo there is.

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Sinker and slider are good, but in my opinion you need a “straight” pitch to, so a good ol’ fastball.

The line between a sidearm sinker and fastball is vague. In my opinion, if your fastball doesn’t sink from the side, you need to reevaluate throwing from down there. That’s kind of the point.

Post some video of your mechanics. Do you have any video from behind the dish?

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  1. Fast ball
    try a 4-seam and a 2-seam you may get different results if not then throw the one you have the most control over.
  2. Change-up

Any kind I know a side arm pitcher who throws a change-up and it moves like a curveball. If you can’t get good results from a change-up use your sinker.

  1. Slider

You can also try a spilt-finger and/or knuckle curve last resort.