How many people just LOVE BASEBALL

do you really love baseball or are you just in it for the money?

considering i dont make money for playing right (damn that would be sweet :smiley: ) i have to say i love it!

i f’ing love it!!!

I discovered the game when I was seven years old, and I’ve been crazy in love with it ever since. Even now, at age 74, I’m still crazy in love with the game, all aspects of it. Last week I went to Cleveland for a baseball conference (and was thanked right and left for bringing the Florida weather up there with me, temps in the 80s and lots and lots of sunshine), and attended a number of enlightening presentations and got to talk baseball with a lot of other SABR members who were present. And having played, many moons ago, I still remember things…I’m not likely to forget them, ever. :slight_smile:


Are you just in it for the money? What a joke.

Actually, many people use athletics as a way to get a chance in life to make money.

I know, but most athletes do not go pro.

That’s why I said chance… :shock:

I love it. I love warming up before a start. I love stepping out onto the mound for the first time of the game and looking into the opposing team’s dugout. I love the eyes being on me as I pitch.

It’s the best.

I love playing baseball. I love training to be the best on the field. I love busting my ass in the weight room every week, destroying PR’s left and right. I love how i am going to be the best on the field.

I’m glad there are still kids out there that are in love with the greatest game out there.

And not dumb lacrosse.

Well, I have played other sports, but I love baseball. I played football one year, hated it with a passion. I played dekhockey up until 2 years ago. I was pretty good at it, won a scoring title, but I got bored with it.

I love baseball, I doubt I’ll quit it.

I play for the chance to one day button up a major league uniform, and because i just flat out love it

I love baseball, but baseball doesn’t love me back.

certainly can be a very unforgiving game. But baseball doesn’t owe anybody anything.

if your only in baseball for the $ your 2 things #1 crazy #2 a jerk

if your in it for the $ you shouldn’t play at all. there are people who would give anything to play on a major league diamond and for people who only want money to take thier spot on the diamond is just discusting.

“its not about the name on the back of the jersey its about the name on the front”

I love the game and I would love it to be more, its more of a passion for me i need baseball

As a father who loves baseball, I’ll tell you what ticks me off big time. When my daughter brings home a boyfriend who doesn’t like baseball and even worse, one that wants to watch soccer on TV …on MY TV !!!


For me the headline would read;
“Local man lost in swamp…no trace found…girlfriend relates…“He was watching soccer, when dad came home…dad sent me to the store…and when I came home dad was watching the Cubs and said my boyfriend…went for a stroll in the swamp”. :wink: “Police reported that dog trackers led to a huge mamma gator…they said they found what they thought was a tennis shoe remnant”…Officer Bubba commented that…that boy won’t be found…”.