How many MPH is added from weight gain

although i’m a senior in h.s, im a young-looking 6’1, 160lb. right hander and i can add about 35 pounds of good muscle in college. How many mph are typically added for every 10 pounds of muscle gained?

Depends. Some people gain a lot, some don’t gain anything, and some can even lose MPH. It all depends on what type of weight you gain. If you get big and bulky, you may lose MPH.

I personally gained nearly 30 lbs of muscle over the summer before my soph year in hs, and I ganed almost 10 mph. Now, I may just be a freak, but I guess some guys can gain quite a bit of MPH with weight gain.

There are too many different factors that can go into your speed like mechanics, flexibility and strength to really narrow it down to how much speed you gain based on muscle.

Myself personally went from being 6’1" 180 lbs as a senior last year and threw around 83 when I did pitch to now in college where I’m 6’1" 210 lbs and they hav me around 88. The thing though is that despite gaining the weight I think myvelocity gain is more because of my improved mechanics and flexibility then actualy muscle gain even though it helped.

P.S. Just as an example how size doesn’t have to be a big factor. Jaff Decker from Sunrise Mountain was 5’9 or 5’10 (can’t remember from last year) and probably 170 (not overly strong) and could hit low 90s

what college do you go to sutek

Right now Im at Phoenix College in Arizona. Next year I may transfer to another local JuCo, but I’ve also got an offer to go to University of the Southwest in New Mexico as a catcher. Still trying to choose.