How many MPH added between freshmen and sr. yr of college

how many mph, on average, are added between freshmen and senior year of college? I’m 6’1, 170 lbs. and was curious as to how much velocity the typical D1-D2 athlete adds each year

Really depends… I’ve seen guys go from upper 80s to mid 90s just because they finally got serious about their workouts in college, and added the necessary strength to preform the movements of pitching maximally.

I went from 89 to 95, sitting at 93-4, between my freshman and junior years…

Ive gone from 85 to 90 since my freshman year. I’m in my sr year.

There isn’t a number that can be put with this question. There are just too many factors that go into velocity, genetics, hard work, body strength, throwing programs, mechanics, diet etc…

My freshman year i was hitting 83-85 consitently. After my mechanics were tinkered with and I developed more into a man by my senior year i topped out at 92. Ull realize how much more you train in college compared to high school. Its pretty insane and if you love baseball the training is pretty fun.

wow. what was your height/weight when throwing 83-85 compared to when you were throwing 92.

also, what mechanical changed did you specifically tinker with?

I was 5 foot 9 and now im 5 foot 11. Not much of a change but it gave my body the weight shift that i guess it needed. Went from 155 to 175 and i like to think it was all muscle haha.

The mechanical changes i made was i was throwing all arm and legs and not really utilizing my torso. So my pitching coach started forcing me to turn my butt and back to home plate and it helped a lot in my delivery. Also he had me leading with my elbow first then my hand. He said my hand was getting out a little in front of my body. It really did help. It felt as though i got a lot more behind my pitches and it showed on the gun and the movement was there too.

Im not sure if it was just luck on my half, but i like to thank my pitchign coach everytime i see him hahaha.