How many lbs/kg's on dumbells?

Since u need alot of reps instead of heavy lifting on the arms

How many lbs or Kg’s should do??( if u can post in Kg :wink: saves me time)

Im 19, like 63kg and 1,90m

any suggestions??



Depends on how strong you are, what type of exercise you plan to do, etc.

For rotator cuff type work, Steven has said that 2-5 pound db’s are all you need (that’d be 1-2.5 kg).

I would also recommend doing lots of rubber band exercises to build up your rotator cuff and defend from possible tears. You see so many build up their biceps, tris, and delts and don’t concentrate on the rotator cuff. What this does is requires more work on the rotator cuff and causes stress because everything else has been built up except the rotator cuff itself. Do a lot of internal and external rotations to make it stronger

Already doing band exercises:)

definitely - important to keep the r. cuff strong, along with the other small muscles in the arm.