How long to stop throwing after season ends

As we start fall ball, I’ve started to map out my off-season

My question is, how long should I take of from throwing after the season ends?


If you are biologically 19 or over you are an adult and all of you growth potential in length has stopped. This means you should train year round if you are a serious athlete. From the end of competitive season to the start of Spring competitions you should be going into vigorous training regression where you can not compete because you are always making upwards adjustments because of physiological hypertrophy, this is done best “sport specifically” with wrist weights and heavy balls like lead! This must start immediately when you finish summer competitions. Rest =atrophy and since it take 2 years to get to peak fitness any stoppage will keep you continually in a train to detrain state of mediocrity. When season starts again cut the training down by half with the reps and weight but continue to train. This is one of the reasons traditional pitchers are never really in shape and susceptible to many injuries and inflammation because of their injurious mechanics have them resting all the time and when season starts they quit training.