How long before you can start experimenting?

I have been trying to add a cutter to my arsenal, but it’s turning out to be between a slider and a cutter. It has some down, 3-4 inches, and moves to the left, about 10 inches. I’m 14, and wondering if it is ok to keep throwing this without hurting my arm.

According to Tom House any pitch thrown properly isn’t any more stressful than throwing the fastball. So if you throw it right you’ll be fine.

Find a grip and don’t twist your wrist or do anything funky with the grip. Grip it and throw it like a fastball and let the offcentered pressure on the ball do the work.

And if you limit how many you throw (for breaking pitches). No more than about 20-25% of your total pitch count should be breaking pitches. House also says that part. :wink:

yea fastballs build arm speed and strength so you would want to throw more fastballs vs breaking balls.

Though in a game if you’re breaking ball is you’re out pitch then forget the numbers when you got the guy with two strikes.

Alright thanks, i usually don’t throw anything but fastballs, because nobody has really hit my fastball yet, but districts are coming up, so there are going to be kids who can hit.