How is this start?

I started my 2nd game. After my first start of 4 IP 1 hit No runs 8 BBs and 8 K’s

Tuesday i got the win against the 2nd team in the conference with 5 IP 1 hit 3 ER. 2 ks and 4 BBs

I cut my walks in half but the 4 walks i did give up all 3 scored. And i only had 2 k’s. This team was alot better at getting contact but i was was able to keep the hits to ground balls to short and 3rd.

All 3 runs scored in a meltdown i had in the 4th inning. 2 outs nobody on base and the 1st baseman “pulled his foot off the base” The ump was wrong but ya know just need to keep going. Then i walked 3 guys. then base hit let all three guys score…

Any Advice?

I guess it’s an okay start considering you gave your team a chance to win but you have to learn to keep your composure, if you keep giving people free passes that could be your downfall. That’s what I’d tell you to work on right now.

Walks are my pet peeves I can’t stand when people walk batters and I challenge myself not to walk people, I get upset with myself when I walk people but I do try and keep my composure, I know if I get frustrated I’ll just walk more people.

Great learning experience if you let it be.

Remember this instance of you losing your composure when the going got tough. Even the littlest hiccup can mess up an outing. Next time you can catch yourself and not let it happen again.