How is my pitching?



I decided that I wanted to play baseball! Unfortunately, I am a sophomore in high school and have no experience. I am dedicating a whole year to practice and I will pitch next year. Look at my clip and tell me how I did and give me tips. It includes me in slow motion and the last pitch is in normal speed. Only give me tips if you know about pitching.





How often do you play catch/throw?


I just started. I try to do it everyday for at least 30 minutes to a hour.


It’s going to take time since you have never pitched. You are throwing with only your arm right now. Your lower and upper body mechanics are not helping you deliver any energy to the ball. I’d focus on how you come out of your leg lift. Try to achieve an equal and opposite position into foot strike with your foot landing flat instead of on your heel and not rolling your toes to the 1st base side of the target line.

We’ll discuss arm action another time.

You have a lot of work ahead of you if you are serious about pitching. Stay focused.


Thanks for the tips.


No problem, work on those things and post an updated video in a week or so.


Okay will do!


Try not to cock your arm to early, it’s forcing your shoulders to rotate to soon before your hips can open. Also, try push me forces from your drive leg to open up your hips befor stout shoulders, creating hip to shoulder seperation, creating torque. Your also releasing in front of your face.


Try to take a step back or to the side instead of going straight into your throwing motion. Also, try to not lean back when you’re bringing your leg up. You have a higher leg lift, which will give you a bit more control, but having a higher leg lift makes you more prone to leaning back, which will really damage control and throwing power.
Hope this helps,


Having a higher leg kick has nothing to do with control. In fact, I bet a lower leg kick is better for control.


Different things work for different people, and maybe that works for you, but I used that because I transferred from low leg kick to high leg kick, and my control improved.


Ok, whatever works for you. I’m not saying use a low leg kick, but generally I see it makes it harder sometimes when you have high leg kick. Maybe I’m wrong, that’s just what I generally see and feel.


I’m not sure it’s the higher or lower aspect of the lift. It’s more of the line you follow with your stride and the timing of your upper half rotation, etc. Is it easier to control less of a lift?–maybe, but a high leg left is not a cause / effect to lack of control.


Maybe try and bring the ball back more and earlier or and use your hips and back foot to rotate a bit, that makes it as if you have a longer arm. Longer lever=more power.