How is my pitching and what can I do to improve?

I am going into 12th grade next year and I really need help with my mechanic

CLICK HERE To See Me Pitch from the windup

CLICK HERE To See Me Pitch from the stretch

sorry the quality of the video is bad.

Any Help Will Do
thanks for your time

Can anybody help me out

uve got to lead with your hip. leading with your hip will increase stride length and in turn will increase velocity

Your landing leg collapses. That stops your hip rotation and has 2 consequences. One is that you use more arm than your core. The other is loss of velocity. Can also affect command. Other issues also, but this is the big one. You need to land on a flexed front leg that firms up. That gives you something solid around which your hips, trunk and shoulders rotate, resulting in more correct mechanics and all that goes with it.
Start with that!



What specific problems do you feel you have?

I think im lossing alot of velocity in later innings.also arm hurts in tricep area.I think somethings not right.maybe follow-thru.or opening up to soon.thankyou!!!