How in the hell do u throw a


how does it spin?

how does a cutter spin? mine - take a 4SFB then turn ur wrist 90 degrees right [rhp] mine spins like that but like a fastball [sideways fastball]

is that how it should?

if i had to take a guess id say it’s a reverse cutter like instead of twisting your wrist 90 to the right you do it to the left and that would give it that small screwball type of action but with fastball speed and fastball look.

Grip it inside the narrow seams with the index and middle finger touching, have the elbow bent and throw hard.

yeah, my understanding of it is that it is a reverse cutter, i would assume with index finger pressure instead of middle, and so forth.

A shuuto is very close to a sinker and screwball except it will have more sideways break than downward break.

Greg Maddux throws a pitch that is very similar to a shuuto.

stick to the basics for now.