How important is strength?

if someone had above average mechanics and was throwing lets say, mid to high 80’s but was below average in strength

he goes back in time and instead of using all that time working on his mechanics he used it to strength train, how would he compare to his current self velocity wise?

current self being the first one

I’d work on mechanics first because the repetition of performing the pitching motion over and over the right way is really key to a pitcher’s success down the road. Adding strength in college, for instance, is waaay easier than trying to teach a physically strong college kid good mechanics.

So I’d rather be the first one :slight_smile:

Well said Steven and I agree 110%

Your strength goes to waste if you have bad mechanics.

Welcome back Wales Diesel

Great question, I think this is one of the reasons I peaked in velocity for a while. I’m not a very tall pitcher so in high school I felt I had to be the strongest to make up for my shortcomings (no pun intended). So I was always focusing on getting bigger and I lifted with the football team during the summers and I didn’t focus on pitching in itself as much. I took my mechanics for granted. While my bench, squat, and power cleans all went up tremendously my velocity was still the same. My first real jump in velocity came was when I spent the summer working out the kinks in my mechanics. I saw a 2-3 mph difference in just 2-3 months.

On the flip-side of things, there was a kid who came into my college last year throwing 86-87 in the fall. He never touched a weight in his life, he was about 6’2" 170. At the end of the fall after he had worked hard in the weight room, he gained about 10 lbs and his fastball went all the way up to 92-94 consistently. Not saying that will happen to everyone who prolongs weightlifting but just an example of there being two-sides to everything.

On one hand, proper strength and flexibility go hand in hand with good mechanics. That’s why I incorporate all of those things in the lessons I give. But I would agree with Steven. Work on perfecting the mechanics as much as your strength and flexibility allow. And, along the way, add in more strength and flexibility.

if hes throwing 86-87 with his God given talent and then packing on some muscle, hes gonna have that nice fastball. He should be thankful he could throw that hard without touching weights, because now he will be able to build like crazy in his best building years in college.

Work those mechanics first! Get big after.

Mechanics for sure. Since you get all the power from the momentum you are giving yourself theres nothing to propell the ball if you dont have good mechanics. Im 5’11 and only wieght 115 pounds but I have one of the best arms on my team.