How important is 'opposite and equal'

I’ve noticed in Roger Clemens video on this website that he isn’t ‘opposite and equal’ in his delivery. His glove arm is pointed more towards third base while his throwing arm stays directly behind his back. What does ‘opposite and equal’ help a pitcher with. I hear coaches talk about it but i’ve never really understood what it helps with. I’m guessing it may be an old school term like ‘stop at the top’, but i don’t know for sure.

“Equal and opposite” is an NPA teach and it is anything but an old school term. There are two aspects to “equal and opposite”. First, the mechanical aspect, says that the elbows should be bent about the same. The direction the elbows are bent doesn’t matter. One elbow can be bent up and one down, one up and one horizontal, both horizontal, etc.

The second aspect, the timing aspect, says that the pitcher should be “equal and opposite” as close to front foot plant as possible. Doing so says you’ve stayed closed and rotated late.

The timing aspect is the most important, IMHO.

Im guessing the angle of the arm doesn’t matter because clemens points his glove arm towards third base and his pitching arm stays right behind his body

‘equal & opposite’ arms is something best viewed from the side, and it is best viewed in slow-motion, or with still photos.

If you’re looking head on at the pitcher, you really can’t see the angles at the pitcher’s elbows very well.

If you’re watching in real time, even a side-view can be difficult to appreciate…because things are changing almost too fast for the eye to see in real time.

Look at some of the stills of Clemens at the following link. As Roger said, it doesn’t matter whether the arms look superficially different, what matters is that the angles at the elbows (and wrists, for that matter) are the same.

Ever see a young pitcher with his glove arm pointed straight to the target while the throwing arm was ‘cocked’? That’s an exaggerated example of ‘opposite and not-equal’.

i have tons of clemens pictures and video. he does equal & opposite. npa uses him as an example of many things they teach. the greatest thing clemens can teach you is work ethic. when he was with the yankees they couldn’t believe how hard he worked (and where he put the hottest atomic balm made before he pitched (see torre’s book).

this brings up a point. you can take positives away from most everything if you want to. if you focus on the negative, that is usually what you become. my son watched the mike tyson biography. do i want him to grow up and be like tyson? no. do i want him to have tyson’s tenacity and agression like he had when he was in his prime? absolutely. the man was unbelievable when he know why he was the greatest fighter in the world. that’s what you take away from mike tyson or anyone else who has been successful, the good stuff.