How important is adrenaline?


Every now and then when I’m up on a batter 0-2, 1-2, especially late in the game, I’ll reach back and just fire one by them. Where does that extra velocity come from? Is it really from that extra adrenaline rush? Is it the same speed as the rest of my fastballs but in my head I perceived it as faster? Just something I was sitting around thinking about lol


I used to struggle with my first inning due to too much adrenaline. I eventually conditioned myself to get worked up early in warm up so the adrenaline dump would dissipate before I went in. No more rough first innings.

I would allow myself one or two uncorked fastballs per inning. I would say it’s definitely reasonable that pitchers can reach back for 2-3 mph when they need it without relying on adrenaline.


Adrenaline is a huge factor in pitching, but oftentimes in my career it actually worked against me. I’ve always found my pitches flatten and and hang more when I’m jacked up on adrenaline. I think it’s really important to understand WHY you are effective as a pitcher. If you are a true fireballer who gets by on high heat and pure power, the adrenaline boost is probably a useful thing. I was a sinker ball throwing sidearmer that relied on late movement and deception. When I was super fresh or too pumped up for an appearance, I probably got an extra 2-3 mph, but that only got me to 86-88 - nothing that a hitter can’t catch up to. I was way more effective making sure I dominated the ball and got my good sink at around 82-84.