How important is a slide step/abbreviated step?

Im a high school pitcher at the varsity level and ive been told multiple times to do either a slide step or abbreviated step. But is it really nessacary unless you have a base stealer on the paths what ive been doing is if i feel like they have a chance to steal i’ll do a slide step/abbreivated step and if i dont i wont because i have a a lot less control when i use a slide step/abbreviated, is this fine?

Now in college how many pitchers use a slide or abbreviated step on a regular bases, if its something im going to deffinately need later on then i’ll spend the time practicing but if it itsnt i dont want to bother.

I like that abbreviated slide step – not a true slide step but more knee to knee. Most MLB pitchers use one move from the set position, not 2. On other words, they tend to use a quicker modified slide step as opposed to a straight slide step because the body gets too far out in front of the arm…

Thats what i thought i rarely see people using slide step but i need to work on my abbreivated i guess its just in all the lessons and coaches ive had they have always said to do it but no one took the time to teach it properly i guess next year in college will be different.

I used the slide-step all the time when I pitched, and the reason for that was that I found it gave me more speed in my delivery to the plate, even from the stretch.

oh really…is it happen