How high or low is my armslot considered?


.What height is my armslot considered also what could be some natural pitches to learn in this arm slot.use a 2 seamer fastball that goes inside in a righty a 4 seam straight fastball.A 2 seam fastball but really stay behind and go more straight? RIght now all i train is a 4 seam fastball working on location.Have thrown some sliders and felt kind of natural from the first time.I was just thinking having a straight fastball and another fastball that tails to mix up my fastballs would be a good confusin way since it is also easier to locate than a curveball.(Im just a rookie yet at pitching i know i have to get a good change up but fastballs is all i can throw atm and i dont want to move on a different pitch before im settled with my fastballs.Im playing with a team in Europe but the lvl is low and not much competition so baseball is more like a hobby )


Your arm slot is high 3/4, and you tilt your torso to make it look like overhead try to practice 12-6 curveball and a filthy changeup


Thanks!!!I can understand why curveball .But can you explain for the change up?And what change up maybe split finger that drops?


split finger would be awesome, palmball too because it has downward action, you will induce flyouts

3/4 arm slot curveball trouble