How Hard?

Does one go at it 100% on every fastball or is it somewhere around 80 to 90%?

Should range throughout the performance within those percentages. If you show the same speed every pitch you will be timed…no matter how hard you throw. You want the batter off balance so speed and location should vary within the game plan you have for the team you are up against. Make the batter have to see the ball on different planes. You’ll find that if you can get this down real tight…you’ll really dominate in high school…and not have to worry too much about having exceptional breaking stuff. Just get the batter leaning one way or another and bam hit a spot at a different speed…it is very hard to get a clean bat strike in that sort of strategy.

If you are relieving, going 100% is fine. If you are starting, “cruise” with a lower effort and save the 100% fastball for when you need to reach back for a little extra.

I dont think that goin 100% relieving is a good idea but you shouldnt go as easy as you would wen u start. but thats just wat i do.