How Hard should i throw for a freshman in HS

Hey Im Luke I’m a LHP and am on my high schools freshman baseball team, at the pitching tryout i topped at 76 but I’ve put in a lot of work since then (about 3 months ago) and I’m prob at 78 or maybe 79 right now, last week i was called up by the varsity head coach to pitch to some varsity players… i pitched to 5 batters, struck out 2, 2 fly ours, and a ground out. I’m small compared to the rest of the guys on my team but i throw harder then all of them I’m 5’8 129 lbs and I honestly don’t know how to gain the weight I need. How fast am i throwing compared to average pitchers? Thanks

Impossible to gauge an average for high school across the board.
You said in your post that you throw harder than any of the varsity guys in your school. For now that is what matters. If you are touching 79 as a Lefty freshman you are well above average. But who knows where you are sitting in terms of velocity.
In terms of gaining weight it is relatively simple. Calories in and calories out. Track your calories and see how much you are eating. Get an average and add 500 calories a day. What does your height project to be?

Oh no I meant I was called to pitch to varsity, I’m not on varsity, I’m the hardest thrower on freshman and close to the hardest on JV. I don’t know what my projected hight is but I’m scared because my dad is only 5’11 and my mom is 5’3

Don’t be scared about your height. It’s going to be what it’s going to be. I know lots of pitchers who are tall and slow and some who are short and fast.

It’s a 5 ounce ball, as long as you are strong and fluid you will eventually bring it with the best of them.

My son has been on the shorter end of the spectrum and yet throws harder than anyone in his school and I have only seen one kid in his league throw with similar velocity.

79 as a freshman is above average. Many pitcher you will face will barely be at 70. Anything over 75 as a frosh is above average.


Agree 79 mph is above average and anything 74-75 mph plus is great. Keep throwing/developing that pitch. Because when you couple an above average fastball with a great change up, you can basically dominate 95% of any high school team in the country.

I was throwing 78 mph as a freshman on the varsity team. Threw a fastball and change up exclusively. Went 6-0 that season as the number two starter on the team. Our number one pitcher went to the U of Richmond on a baseball scholarship. (On a side note, that same year we lost in the State final game to a pitcher named Rob Bell who was a first round Draft pick.)

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I’m a senior in high school and typical on a variety roster 80+ and you’re doing good. 83+ and you’re attracting attention. Lefties can throw 2-3mph less and bring the same attention to them as a righty that’s throwing harder. Basically if you’re a senior throwing 80+ as a lefty and you can locate decently, you’ll play somewhere in college as long as you reach out to coaches. 85+ as a lefty senior who can locate and throw some off speed, you could look at D1.

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There’s a kid at a rival school that threw 82 freshman year and he’s only 5’9. Now we’re juniors and he throws 89. Keep working, size doesn’t matter. Throwing around 80 as a freshman is pretty good.


Thanks for the information everyone. my sophomore season is coming up and I clocked at 85 a couple days ago I’m feeling strong and have grown an inch and now I weigh 140lbs I posted a video analysis a couple days ago if you wanna see me throw, Thanks

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I’m a freshman to and I throw in a range between 74-75, i hit 76 a couple of times and max out at 77. I am small 5’8 125 lbs and the hardest thrower on the team, I have sat at this velocity since the begging of my freshman year but continue to perfect my mechanics to feel smoother, where should I be by next year velocity wise? ( by the way my dad is 5’11- 6’ and my mom is 5’3 does height have anything to do with velocity?