How hard do you have to throw to get drafted out of college?

I can’t find any statistics on the subject, so if any draft junkies had any knowledge on the subject, that’d be much appreciated. I realize other factors are also factored in, however velo is always the #1 question. I am going to be playing D3, as I currently dont throw hard enough. I was just curious if there was a general area that if I reach, even in D3, where I would have a chance to get drafted. To give me some sort of a goal to reach for.

My off-speed is great (curveball, slider, splitter), and my control is pretty pin-point. Currently topping out 86-87 (was 81 as a junior, thus why am I only going D3). I know my mechanics have some more velo left in them, so I think I can be hitting 90 before I get to college. And then if I work, I know I got a few mph left.

Edit: And I saw the thread for “how hard college pitchers throw.” It didn’t really answer my question, so I felt a separate thread would be better suited.

It really depends on things such as righty or left, control, movement, etc.

I saw that you were a righty though, so I’ll put things this way. There actually is no true velocity standard, though scouts now are looking for guys to throw 95+ as a righty. However, if you have the stuff at lets say, 92 mph, I am sure that you might get some looks. The harder you throw though, the better chances you have, but make sure you remember that velocity and control must go hand in hand to be successful at any level.

80+. While velocity is highly regarded, it is not the most important thing. Do you by any chance remember the lefty from Arizona State a couple years ago that was drafted in the 3rd round? He threw 81-83

I played D3 ball with a guy who threw 88-89 as an RHP with four pitches for strikes. He owns three D3 pitching records.

He was 5’11" 175 lbs, though, and not very projectable.

He didn’t even get drafted. :frowning:

Fortunately, he eventually climbed the ladder through sheer determination and appeared in a few big show games.

Best amateur pitcher I ever saw and had to face, and he was barely - BARELY - good enough to play in the MLB for a fleeting moment.


I think 90 mph is still the “magic” numbers that gets scouts’ attention, maybe 88-89 for a LHP. There are many other factors that go into it: ability to spin a breaking ball, feel for a change up, command, perceived projectability, etc.

As has been mentioned a million times, velocity doesn’t make you a good pitcher, but it’s still necessary to pitch at the “next” level, whatever it may be. So I’d say it’s still right around 90. I know some teams have actually changed their standard for what they grade as an average fastball (50 on the 20-80 scale). A 50 had generally been 90 mph, but some teams have now made it 91.

DeSalvo indeed. I saw he was up around 90-91 in MLB.

Unbelievable command/control. I didn’t play at a high level (nothing at all basically), but he embarrassed hitters in our league on a continual basis.