How hard could Mo throw?

I don’t know how this came about in conversation but me and my pitching coach were discussing how hard we think Mo could throw if he threw a 4 seamer.

I guessed 96-7 coach thought 96-98.

What do you think?

Also, anyone know how hard he threw when he was younger?

He’s currently 39.

I say 95-97mph. I really don’t see too much of a difference if he threw that – it’s not him.

He was higher 90s in his early career, I believe. Not too much, however.

I believe he does throw a 4-seamer. 95/96 if i can remember correctly. cutter is more of 92/93

I thing he rarely if ever throws it. Right on, muhahahha.

Also, I remember watching one of his innings and he hit 93 for 8 pitches in a row (w/ the cutter).

I’ve watched Mariano Rivera pitch countless times, and I’ve seen him throw that cutter 97, 98 miles an hour when he has to. Most of the time he throws 93-96, but when he turns it on, look out!!! And he does it so effortlessly… :o :slight_smile:

I saw him pitch against the Jays on TV twice this year. The first time he dismantled the heart of the order (probably Rios, Wells and Overbay at the time) with the cutter. Had Vernon questioning his own existence. The next time, later in the year, same part of the order gets up, ready for the cutter and he threw maybe two or three over a full inning. Threw 95-96 mph four seamers all day and it was just as effective.