How good is 70 mph in 8th grade?


Recently got gunned at 70 mph. Wondering how good that is for an 8th grader.



Crow hop or off the mound
How big are you, height/weight
How reliable is the gun
Right handed or left handed
How old are you, I know you are in 8th grade, you could be 13 or getting close to 15

But, certainly that is a good, but likely not elite speed


off the mound.
5 foot 8 and a half, 145 lbs… If I put some effort into it I could lose 5 pounds or so though.
reliable up to 0.5 mph.
right handed high 3/4 arm slot
I am early (ish) 14
side note: I started working out for the 1st time two days ago. Got gunned 3 days ago.


Well, sounds like you are a young 8th grader and getting a lot out of current size
I think you are doing very well


never mind that reading was crap i am actually like 53


id say for your size 70 is average to slightly below average


Meaning you threw 53, not 70?


well, now I’m not sure. I thought I measured out the distance at my house. It turns out I am actually throwing uphill. And practice for my team just started and their BP spot feels WAY closer than the one at my house. So now I am just confused haha


See what they come up with on a radar gun.


ya I want to but I know no-one nor anyplace that has one