How fix mental bullpen pitching to game

my son throws harder, and great pitches in bullpen, but when he gets in game he struggles with control, and speed. Though we know some of it is his coaches, cause he feels like the hes walking on eggshells everytime he plays. Anyone have any ideas, or programs that migh help.

My favorite pitcher of all time…Greg Maddux used to say that when it wasn’t goin right, he’d do one thing to correct…he’d back it off a notch.
A kid who is out to show himself to a coach is likely over-throwing, by your description it is exactly what it sounds like. Relate to him that muscling up and tring to break a catchers hand is only likely to walk and hit a bunch on his way to the shower. He’ll find if he just backs off a bit, his stuff will work, he’ll get movement and above all he’ll impress his coach because he’s throwing strikes…no drill fixes it, just calm relaxed application of the art 8)

I’ve always thought of pitching as controlled chaos. You’ve got to turn the turmoil into something organized, almost peaceful or calm. So in your mind’s eye, picture a tornado, this violent windstorm that appears to be utterly random. A pitcher’s job is to focus that tornado on one spot and blow the roof off. You look at some pitchers and they are going at it max effort and still seem to get it in the zone. Some others appear to be really fluid but the ball just hops out of their hand. One things for sure, you can’t choke the crap out of the ball and expect to be consistent. Relax, focus and repeat.

I don’t know how to relate to the bullpen analogy as my son usually throws like cow dung in the pen and then comes out to the bump and throws well.

Mariano Rivera.
Anyone who has ever seen him pitch will notice it. He has this easy, fluid motion, that looks as if he could put you to sleep with it—and then that cut fast ball, which has been known to hit 97 MPH when he’s really on, explodes on the hitter, handcuffs him and shatters the bat. It is, in large part, his mechanics—they’re just beautiful. But there’s another little secret he has, and he calls it “the eye of the tiger”—a quiet but very intense focus. Before Mo even starts warming up in the bullpen he takes a couple of minutes to get himself into this mindset, this focus in which only one thing exists for him—getting the batters out. He gets this mindset, and he warms up with it, and then he takes it to the mound along with that murderous cut fast ball.
If you look at his face when he’s pitching, you’ll see it. It’s a calm, unflappable, nothing-will-stop-me determination. And anyone can acquire it. 8) :slight_smile: