How fast?

I am 13 years old and I’m wondering, how fast should I be throwing my fastballs? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Fast enough so that you’re not getting smacked around. :slight_smile: Seriously, velocity shouldn’t be a worry, just work at throwing FBs at a velocity that you can control well and mixing it well with your other pitches.

You throw a curveball/screwball and you’re 13? First off, don’t throw a screwball. Not only are you way too young to handle its stress, but even if you were old enough, you’d have too much stress on your arm. You’re better off not pitching it at all.

You shouldn’t throw a curveball right now either. Its bad for your arm at your age. Wait till you’re 14-15.

Thanks for the advice, I figured out tonight that I throw about a 68 mph FB. Also, thanks for the tips on Screwballs and Curves! :smiley: I’ll just keep myself adequate on them for when I’m older.

ya wut ny sed bout the screwballs but if i were u i wuddnt drop the curve i throw it and im 13 but i pull it down not snap my wrist but if ur snappin the wrist i would advise u 2 stop cuz thats wut ended my dads baseball career in hiskool

I didnt learn a curveball until my freshman year in college and I seem to be doing just fine. Learn to throw smoke.

High school I threw…
77mph fastball
changeup (circle)
Varied my arm angles

College at a D2
84mph fastball
100% sidearm/submarine

Its not how hard you throw or the amount of pitches you throw. Its the quality of the pitch. A college coach doesn`t give a rip if you throw 9 different pitches. He only sees 9 ways to hurt your arm. He would probably rather see you throw 2-3 pitches with consistancy and good mechanics. I promise if you throw that many pitches they are probably not all that great.

Good luck as you get older.