How fast


Ok I’m kinda curious how fast do divisions 1,2&3 pitchers throw (i thow around 77-79 mph)




I can only give you info for the d3 I attend. It is regularly in the top 25 national rankings and top 3 regional rankings. Our slowest pitcher’s top FB hits 79 and our fastest hits 91. The typical fastballs we see in conference games are anywhere from 78-85 with the occasional guys hitting upper 80’s. The hardest fastball we saw was a righty reliever for a large d3 in New Jersey he was sitting 90-92 touching 94 and he had multiple pro scouts in attendance.

Weekend starter #1
-6’4 195 pound senior LHP
-FB usually sits 84-88 has touched as high as 91
-good breaking ball and decent change up but usually relies on fastballs and occasional curves

Weekend starter #2
-6’3 195 pound sophomore LHP
-FB usually sits 80-83 has touched as high as 86 and will likely climb higher each year due to his work ethic and recent weight gain
-also has quality change up, slider, and curve ball which he can throw for strikes
-the best control I have ever personally played with

Weekend starter #3
-6’2 160 pound senior LHP
-FB 80-83 has also touched 86
-he’s a big mechanics guy and regularly does t-spine and hip mobility drills
-big curve is the only quality secondary

Weekend starter #4
-6’2 195 pound sophomore RHP
-FB sits 81-84 has touched 86
-extremely unathletic but good strength in upper and lower half
-good curve and change

Our best arms out of the pen sit in the 82-88 range with one other quality pitch and we also have a couple lower arm slot guys around 77-81 mph. As a general rule of thumb if you can get your fastball to SIT in the mid 80’s with good control and at least one good secondary offering you’ll have options at every level besides maybe the top 25% of D1’s. Hope this helped.