How fast should I be throwing?


I just turned 16 3 months ago, how fast should I be throwing I have topped out at 85 it is that good I see kids my age and below throwing 88 to 90!!


@Abrego_21 topping at 85 is amazing for your age. I’m also 16 and I throw hard but probably not in the mid to upper 80’s. Your velocity is just fine, in fact it’s superb! Now if you combine that with good command and control of your Fastball with the ability to throw your Fastball in any count at that velocity and can locate it where ever you want, you’ll be golden!


Keep up the good work!


we all wish we were the guys who could roll out of the bed in the morning painting 90 on the corners. It’s true there are a few out there who can do this, they just have lightning arms. For the other 98% of baseball pitchers, we aren’t that lucky. It takes hours upon hours of training and hard work to see the same numbers. A tip I have for you is this: focus on your own path to success and don’t focus on anything else. You will continue to grow and gain velo just at a different pace than these players who hit their stride 2-3 years earlier than most. 85 is great for a 16 year old, so think about gauging your success based on your own numbers instead of the other players whom you are up against.



I’m a freshman and my fastball sits at 82 I’ve toped out at 87 this year you throw slow asf


Keep refining your mechanics, keep adding strength, and develop a great change up.


do different mechanics result in different timing and how hard you will be throwing?


Aight bet… it’s been 3 months since I posted this hit 90 last week. Also I would like to know your height and weight because I’m 5’11 165.


do you lift any weights?


Yes I do


out of curiosity what do you do? like squats, deadlifts, etc.


Well my school has a lifting program we do. We mainly focus on legs we do a lot of squats… but pitchers do extra stuff on the side like work on shoulders and forearms