How fast do you throw

I was just wondering how fast everyone throws. I know some people will post their max velocities while others will post what they consistantly throw, so if you could list both it would be helpful. Also, I would appreciate it if you said how old you were too. thanks

I am 16 years old and I can throw between 75-80 mph. I have been working on my mechanics alot and I haven’t been tested for almost a year.
The guy who is tutoring me could throw almost 90mph when he was 16. He now throws 94mph consistantly.

my average now is about 86 mph and my high is 90+

Just turned 15 (freshman)

Average is areound 72-73, I top out around 76.
Goal is to top over 80 before the end of next season.

Usually throws high 60’s at hits 71/70 about 10-15 times a start. He just turned 13 yrs old.

Socal Heat !

Mine just turned 14 and throws 68-70 most of the time when trying to throw strikes. About 3 weeks ago we gunned him throwing for velocity and he threw 2 pitches at 70 mph and 8 at 71 mph. In retrospect we think a back problem may have kept him from going over 71 as throwing that percentage of pitches at one’s max is unusual. Normally I would have expected to see a couple pitches at about 72 and possibly one at 73 given the number of pitches at 71. He’s shut down for the next month or two with the back problem so it’ll be interesting to see how quickly he gets his velocity back since we’ll have to bring him back very gradually after the rest. We probably won’t even let him throw for velocity for quite awhile after he resumes throwing.

I just talked to one of the coaches of the winning pitcher from the LLWS US championship game back in 2004 and he says the kid was gunned throwing consistently at 81 mph in a game recently. We may have to face him at 54’ in a tournament over Thanksgiving weekend. I don’t believe he turns 14 for another week or two.

i’m 17 and i used to throw mid 80 but i hurt my elbow and shoulder last year and now only throw about high 60 low 70’s and i turned to mostly a control type pitch now.

My son who is fiixing to turn 14, thows 73-75 consistantly but he’s a catcher. He recently made it onto a National Showcase team out of Dallas TX. where they have 5 boys 13 and 14 years of age throwing 80-85 consistantly. The other pitchers throw in the 75-78 range. not bad for a 14 year old team.

i recently just started pitching a month ago and i am 19…i throw consistantly 80-84 mph. i toped out at 86 twice two weeks ago…that was on the mound…off the mound i throw low 80’s consistantly

i throw aroung 82 87 depending on how i feel. i am 17

Just turned 16.

I’m throwing 75-78 consistently, i top out around 81.

You guys haven’t been reading Steve’s remarks on pitchng. Don’t get enamored with velocity. Its important, but only part of the make-up you’ll need to be successful. You’ve got to control that fasball, hit spots. You’ll learn that by throwng to spots when you warm up and when you pitch bullpens. You should be learning to change speeds as well.


i was 15 a few months ago and i throw on average 70mph. in not a pitcher mind, for outright speed i throw around the low to mid 80’s. i can’t really throw for distance mind.

a guy who i catch for on the great britain side was clocked by a twins scout throwing mid 80’s, HOLDING BACk. hes 16

I am 16 now but the last time i got tested i was 15 and was throwing consistently around 76-78 and maxed out at 80. i also have a change-up that is about 66.

Hopefully i can throw a little bit harder this year though :lol:

so I’m sure everyone on here exaggerates their numbers by a few MPH but I’ll just say I’m 17 and I throw 70 max on a good day. And I started varsity last year as a sophomore throwing about that if not a little less. My fastball sinks and the change does work.

Good post CHS as the work your putting in should pay off. Change speeds, locate and learn some movement.



I’m 15 and I’m a sophomore in highschool. Freshman year I played JV and I was averaging around 78-79 mph. However, this year I have been throwing constantly and I have really been keeping in shape and I average about 82, but my highest recording was 84. I really used to be skeptical to how much a good workout a few times a week could do, but now I have no doubt that putting in time to get in shape will help your velocity and endurance phenomenally.

This is where people get confused about Radar readings. If your highest ever recorded velocity is 84 then you don’t “average” 82. You may very well be able to hit 82 consistently when trying to throw for the gun and that is still very good for your age. We have a kid around here who just turned 14 and he’s able to hit 81 consistently but in games he tends to throw in the high 70s. He doesn’t average 81. We also have a player in the area who just turned 16 and has hit 95. He does average about 92 or 93 but he consistently overthrows and struggles with his control when he does.

In case you find the numbers hard to believe one was the winning pitcher in the Bronco WS at 12 and the other was the winning pitcher in the LLWS US championship game at 12.

As always, location is key, not velocity. Our team is now starting 12U and all 6 starters throw in the mid-60’s. One boy who is 5’9" already throws about 70. Even though my son throws hard, it’s the changeup that he usually gets batters out on. He throws that at about 48 mph. The fastball sets that pitch up nicely. I’d still rather see a 1 pitch ground ball out than a three pitch strikeout.