How fast do they throw?

how fast do D1, D2, and D3 pitchers throw?

I think its really all about the same. In our conference your gonna see the weekend guys throw Upper 80’s to Mid 90s (I know its a big difference).

But I think overall the average is about 84-85…

It’s really all over the place — from 78 mph to as high as 96 mph. Generally, Division III guys are 78 to mid-80s. Division II guys are in the 80s. Division I guys are anywhere from low-80s to mid-90s. The elite pitchers at the Division I level consistently throw 88-90 and will top out at 92-93. But there are exceptions at every level.

I think the big difference at each level is the number of high quality pitchers. At the top D-II and D-III programs you can find a lot of guys who throw mid to high 80s and into the 90s at times; there are just much fewer of them than at the D-I level. A D-III team may have one guy that touches high 80s while a D-I team may have 10-12.

I’d say the difference really is in depth.