How fast could Bruce Lee throw a baseball?

Bruce Lee was the model for all that is/was hard work, perseverance, and determination. He studied thousands of books and always worked on becoming stronger and smarter.

Anyways, he was incredibly strong pound for pound at 5’7". How fast do you think he could throw a baseball considering the throwing motion isn’t necessarily about pure strength? Remember, Bruce Lee was literally FUNCTIONALLY strong. He did not like having muscle to have it do nothing.

Bruce Lee was an actor whose legend has become more and more inflated following his death. Lee was strong relative to his weight, which was probably 120-130 pounds (which was to make him look more "cut on camera). Most of his acts of strength, such as the one finger pushup, show high levels of relative strength but it is difficult to compare that to a pitcher.

It would be just speculation to guess how fast he could’ve thrown because that wasnt what he did. It’s the same thing with people saying he could beat any modern MMA fighter - which is a complete load of BS. Bruce was an actor and he excelled at making martial arts movies. Being a pitcher is a completely different skill set requiring different strength attributes and qualities.

Being a pitcher is a completely different skill set requiring different strength attributes and qualities.[/quote]

He wasn’t just an actor. He was a martial artist. He was a fighter.

I ask because if there were some way to voyage a guess, I figure someone like you would know.

How many professional fights did Lee have? Zero

He had some decent theories about integrating multiple fighting styles into one “catch-all” style, but even those were not unique. Maeda (aka Conde Koma) had done that in the early 1900’s, travelling from Japan to the US, Europe and South America to fight professionally and learn from wrestlers, boxers, and others. I’m sure you could find numerous examples throughout history. Lee’s JKD concepts brought these ideas back into prominence in the 60’s and 70’s, so he deserves some credit for that.

I have no problem with Bruce Lee, but people keep making him out to be some invinceable demi-god when he had very little real fighting experience.

To answer the question… I’d say he’s in the 68-72 range.

I agree, with very little practice most adult men could probably chuck a baseball up around 70 mph.

I’m with kc on this. He was an actor, not a fighter. I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, so I believe I know a thing or two about kicking. As I’ve had the occasion to watch some of his old movies and watch his kicking technique closely, I find that it is not very advanced and the speed that I thought was so amazing when I was a teenager, really isn’t there and is just a matter of movie making.