How far off are Bushnell Radar guns?


How far off are these Bushnell Radar Guns? I really want to know the exact amount they are off by?!

I’ve usually had to add 7 mph to them and I’m not sure if that is accurate or not, what should I add to them if needed?


They are accurate but have very limited range. I believe the pic you sent has a range of 75 feet which is an improvement from the older models. Doesn’t pick up out of hand as quickly as a Stalker or Juggs, further away you are more off its gonna be. My recommendation is use in bullpens and gun directly behind the pitcher. My unofficial testing of an older Bushnell vs a Stalker Sport only showed a variance of 1-2 mph (Bushnell was slower). I wouldn’t trust behind the plate.


Very glad you posted this because this was actually something I’ve been wondering about recently.


Sidearm, you add 7? Why not just say you add what you need to till you feel good about your sons arm?


Search Bushnell accuracy & you’ll find advice to add 7mph more or less. Issue is behind catcher it’s not picking up speed out of hand but close to the plate. I wouldn’t add 7 mph and have any confidence the speed is accurate. On the other hand standing directly behind the pitcher will get you very close. Based on using Stalker Sport & Busnell at same time the Bushnell was mostly 1 mph under and sometimes 2. At times the registered same speed but not often. Behind the catcher the Bushnell was a crap shoot. The Bushnell we used was an older model with a more limited range than the one shown in the picture. If I’m not mistaken the range on that ones going to be only 75 feet, still wouldn’t trust from behind the plate.


So the general agreed consensus is add 7mph from behind the plate and 1-2mph from behind the pitcher?


Personally I would only use a Bushnell directly behind the pitcher, think it would be a very close reading. I would have absolutely no confidence adding 7 mph behind the plate unless you are able to test against a Stalker & Juggs consistently showing it was 7 mph slow (& I don’t think you’d get anything consistent). Also have my doubts it’s going to be 7 mph slow directly behind the catcher. The 7 mph thing is an old wives tale brought about by limited range. Like I said earlier I’m pretty sure the one in the pic is 75 feet which is better than the older ones. From what I’ve read it still doesn’t pick up out of the hand as quickly as more expensive brands with better range. Problem is solved by taking reading much closer to the pitcher (directly behind). Should work fine for bullpens. JMO


You could try calibrating while driving in the car at 60 mph and see how far its off.


Mine is about 5-7 slower than most of the higher end radar guns


Try directly behind pitcher & it’ll be very close. Bushnell’s are Ok for bullpens. I don’t buy the adding 7 mph.


I do, for mine the mph is the same behind the mound and the plate and all other guns have me 85-7 but mine says 80-81 but that just may be my gun specifically


Back a few years ago sons PC had Bushnell (an older one) & I had a Stalker Sport which is very accurate. On multiple days with numerous pitches behind the pitcher his was normally 1-2 mph under. Some reading exact although not many. Had quite a lot of no reads or way off. We never tried his behind the plate because he said it wouldn’t get a good reading. He wanted to know how close his gun read so we tested extensively. Our readings were about 3 feet behind the pitcher (directly behind).