How far can you turn to first before it is a balk

I have seem many pitchers turn their shoulder to the guy at first to look. I thought youi couldn’t move your shoulders to first or that would be a balk. I know you have to turn them a little bit in order to see the runner. I was just wondering how far can you turn before they will call a balk on you.

Relax. It has nothing to do with how far you turn your head. Rule 8.05c) states that it’s a balk when the pitcher fails to step towards the base before making the throw. Or look at Rule 8.05b) which states that it’s a balk when the pitcher, while on the rubber, fakes a throw to first and doesn’t complete the throw. Just turning your head doesn’t make it a balk—it’s what you do, or don’t do, with your arm. So go ahead, turn your head and look at the runner—make a face at him if you want to. That’s not a balk. But if you throw to first without stepping off the rubber—that’s a balk. Okay? 8)

It is ok to turn the shoulders while on the rubber before coming set. After coming set, if you turn your shoulders then you better be throwing over.

Thats what I was thinking was a balk, Roger. Thanks for both of your comments.