How far can you sleeper stretch?

To what degree can you do the sleeper stretch without even using your other hand.

Just lay down and see how far your throwing arm falls down.

0 degrees being your hand on the floor
90 degrees being your hand pointing straight up

70 degrees

0 degrees

Really!? have you ever had problems with your shoulder?

I am about the same, maybe even 75 degrees, have you ever had problems with you shoulder?

Wait, let me go back. When I lay on my back put my arm out to the side and put my forearm up at a 90 degree angle my arm is able to lay all the way back down to the floor.

OH Is it supposed to go towards my feet?

Yes it is supposed to go down towards your feet, and you should be laying on your side, your throwing arm side.

Did not know what a sleeper stretch was until I saw the pictures and that stretch just LOOKS painful i dont think imma try it.

heres a picture of the sleeper stretch

its the most important stretch a thrower can do.

I can go to 0 degrees… But i got a double jointed shoulder…

i highly doubt that you guys can go to 0 degrees. The shoulder head is not locked down and therefore the shoulder girdle is moving and you go all the way to 0. Maybe you guys do sleeper stretchs consistently but I highly doubt a pitcher throwing regulary can do a sleeper stretch to 0 degrees

When I was reading about this I thought it looked pretty easy then I tried it and could only get to like 75 degrees.

Like I said, I have a double jointed shoulder, that is the only reason i can go to 0. I dont have to stretch or anything. Im just a little different lol.

I am about the same, maybe even 75 degrees, have you ever had problems with you shoulder?[/quote]
Yes actually.

Rotator Cuff tear directly resulting from it actually.

there is no such thing as being “double jointed.” Double jointed simply means “loose jointed.” If this is the case you need to double or triple youir efforts on the rotator cuff work, as your shoulder is going to be much less stable than normal.

That being said, you probably don’t actually do the stretch right if you get to zero degrees. Here is a fantastic article about how to do a sleeper stretch without cheating it.

Can this stretch hurt your arm?

Lol Lanky I know what I am talking about. I am aware of what double jointed means, and I already knew the “right” way to do this stretch, thank you very little. Its sad how few people actually listen to you when you can do something they cant. I have been able to do that my entire life… And trust me, that is by far not the weirdest thing about me.

That is pretty bizarre. Have you ever have shoulder problems from throwing?

On another note after rehabbing from a rotator cuff injury due to GIRD (not having good capsular internal rotation) I have been regularly doing the sleeper stretch and my right arm is almost within 15 degrees of my left.

Usually at the professional level if the two arms arn’t within 10-15 degrees they wont let the pitcher throw.