How early is to early of an age to start?

My 11 year old has had to work very hard since the age of 8 to keep up and now surpass the skill level of his teammates as a lot of fundamentals just didn’t come natural to him. As a dad I learned a lot from his coaches and teachers on what to do for him to build him up in a safe and strong way. But my question is my little one who just turned 5 about 2 weeks ago lives, breathes, and sleeps baseball. If I let him sleep with a helmet and bat he would he’s that obsessed, I think it cause he watches older brother play Club all the time. But anyways everything comes super natural to him it blows my mind how much he knows how much he has taught himself at such a young age. He’s super tall and already swings a 27” long bat due to his height. He’s a lefty and throws left as well. We were just messing around and had him pitch off the rubber (he will actually come set like he’s pitching in the big leagues lol) and he consistanly throws 40 feet and is extremely accurate. With him I guess being more gifted should I start him early on mechanics and his throwing with a private instructor or is it too early and just let him have fun and leave him be?

Your last 9 words. He will probably be one of those kids which will scour the internet and teach him self. Let him have fun and set his pace. Personal coach when he’s 10 or 11 if needed. Don’t burn him out. Enjoy the moments, they grow up fast.

The talent will all start to even out around 13 or 14 years old. The kids who show their talent early are at more risk of being overused as pitchers. Nothing he does at 9-13 will matter much except the miles he racks up on his arm. My advice, play up to whatever age group matches his current skill level so he isn’t the ace and doesn’t carry the team.

As for training, lessons, etc…save your money unless he has some big flaws that may lead to injury.

your kid sounds like he has unlimited potential. definitely don’t let him throw his arm out at a young age though. my coaches ended up having me do that and then come high school, when skill really matters, my arm was pretty much shot. it still hurts to throw a baseball. and if he is truly in love with the sport, which it seems he is, then him constantly playing, practicing, and learning will set him up for the next few years. i like what txjim had to say about having him play up so that he isn’t the ace of his team in his age group. if he’s playing with the older kids he will have more to learn and will have to work harder to match their level.

Been there. Leave him be. At this stage you want him to develop the ability to figure it out (right or not so right) on his own and then no constructive criticism just praise. He can fix detail movements later, offer help when he asks and don’t over correct, kids can’t determine helpful criticism from “I failed”. Even if they say differently.

Just found out today for 2020 our park wants 8u to start with kids pitching for 3 pitches and coach to throw if the batter doesnt hit! The games are already slow this is gonna drag it out. I guess they want to bring up more pitchers. I’d much rather try machine pitch and hope to get more balls in play

So its been a long time since I replied to this. Basically just left him alone, let him be a young kid and be obsessed with baseball lol. But I do have another question? We as parents and coaches say leave him alone but do we or how do we get them to settle down? and when I say that hes still 5 and no joke hes comes home and goes straight to the cage to start pitching and throwing then hitting every single day (kinda annoying lately lol), Hes in little league and playing up with 7/8 year olds right now. They have played 5 games and they have a rule where its 2 innings max per pitcher for Fall Ball and hes already thrown 7 innings and I want to leave him alone but the coach inside me doesn’t want him to throw so much at a young age but its all he wants to do. Do we find a way to get him to not want to pitch so much? Its hard to get him to not want to play baseball, everyday its dad do I have practice or a game tonight and if I say no its like the world is ending today reaction.
On a side note last week my 12 year old was with his pitching coach and they wanted to radar gun on his progress cause he just turned 12 last week and he was topping out at 61mph and we were joking around with my 5 year old to just let him throw a few pitches because of course he wants to know what he throws since big brother did and he topped out at 39mph. Was kinda taken back by his speed for how young he is.