How does the pronation drill help with pitching?


I have been going to pitching lessons once a week and we do this drill called pronation 1 and 2. Pronation 1 is when you put your right foot on a board (if you are right handed) and throw balls of different weights to a target. In pronation 2, you do the same except you lift your leg off the board. This video is an example of pronation 1.


Have you asked this question to your instructor? He should have an idea he can back up if he is using it.


The teach on pronation is that it helps protect the elbow.
This is sort of true and sort of an over simplification.
Kyle Boddy (Driveline Baseball) has a good article about this very thing on his site.


I understand the pronation part, but what does the knee on the board have to do with pronating the hand?


The split stance is to mimic the stride.
The knee staying on the board is designed to teach the torso to rotate as a part of deceleration. The thrower actively pronates as soon as he can after ball release.
So, the drill is help teach pronation but also to help teach the torso to rotate as part of the deceleration process.
The first set of drills are performed while remaining with one knee on the pronation bench. The second set the thrower will bring his back leg off the bench and rotate around the front leg to mimic the finish of his pitching motion.
These drill are to teach pronation as a part of deceleration. At least how Wolforth does them.


Here is some info from Wolforth on the drill.


I got some info from TBR recently. We may attend in a year or so.


My son’s wanted to do the TBR Boot Camp for a couple of years now. Was planning to let him do the one next month but unfortunately some unexpected expenses hit. Namely son tried out and made a high profile summer team. It’s a major upgrade and certainly worth it but fees are collected much earlier than I’m accustomed. The longtime agreement I made with my wife calls for me to pay Baseball stuff only from my bonuses so now its looking like we’ll have to wait. The next camps avavailable will be in the summer. Really impressed with what I’ve read and additional information sent by the ranch. Think it will be a very worthwhile expense. Have another bonus coming up so part of it will be earmarked for TBR.


Curious about this. To me, pronation after ball release is a kinematic inevitability - not something that needs to be taught. What does everyone else think?


Just to be clear, this is my take on what he does, I am not claiming to speak for Wolforth.


Understood. Not trying to shoot the messenger. :wink: Just replied to your post for the sake of quoting that one line for discussion. But I would be interested in hearing your opinion.


Well, it is posted as a pronation drill.
I do agree with you that pronation is a naturally occurring thing when most people throw. I think the drill is to really reenforce the feeling of pronating and just as importantly to get the body, the body rotation, into the act of deceleration to complement pronation.
The video is of the first part of the drill. The second part the thrower would come up on one leg. So, it would seem the things covered with these drills would be pronation, torso rotation as a part of deceleration, also, a firm front leg and learning to rotate around the front leg instead of falling off to the side.
Would like the OP to post video of the second part of the drill if he does that as well.


4, I don’t think the OP is the person in the video.

Here is part 2 of the drill-


Don’t see the use in this drill. You don’t need to practice pronation because everyone does it. What you need to practice is releasing behind your head. Your arm will pronate earlier having the stress on your arm be minimised earlier. I guess if you want to practice pronation, through the football. The extra sublimation will exaggerate pronation I guess.


But I mean if it works for you continue.