How does the Glove Tuck effect a pitcher?

Ive been having a problem with my glove tuck lately and I feel its making me throw less hard. How much torque does a good glove pull create and how many mph could i add from fixing it? Please reply with drills to help with this. Thank you. Any feedback about the glove tuck is welcome

See this, it might help:

Pulling the glove usually leads to early shoulder rotation which reduces hip and shoulder separation and, therefore, velocity. Once you’ve extended the glove out front to a good “opposite & equal” position, turn it over and re-position it somewhere in front of your torso (or, somewhere over the front foot) and stabilize it there while body moves towards glove.

Thank you. I understand it kind of but do you think theres any way you could put it in simpler terms? I get the general idea of it but im still confused after the reading on what it is im supposed to do