How does college eligibility work?

Is it true you have 4 years no matter what? So if i was like 45 and good enough to play college ball i could play as long as I was taking X amount of credits? Is there a maximum age.

I’m 22 and going to a community college and working, my CC doesn’t have an athletic program but I’m earning an associates degree which would transfer to any other school once i’m done. Basically getting my science, math, history, english, etc…out of the way at a cheaper CC price.

I went to tryout for a local juco right after high school, i felt good about it but the guy said i needed to put on weight and improve my speed. I was like 170 lbs then and i’m about 225 now, and much faster.

When i was 19 or 20 i went to a chicago white sox tryout and I felt even better about that, I was a little intimidated at first simply it being a pro tryout and all, but all my fielding was clean, I hit the ball well to all fields, line drives but was told “i need to use my legs more”. So i’ve improved on that, i was definetly swinging with mainly upper body and wasn’t rotating my hips well enough. But shortly after that I had a shoulder impingement injury and couldn’t throw for a while and now I’m as healthy as i’m gonna get, great shape.

I just started pitching again which i had stopped since my shoulder injury, and my arm strength is better then ever.

Do you have to be a full time student to play sports?

No, there is no age limit to play college baseball. I’m pretty sure though that there is a rule that once you start taking full time classes, you have 6 years to use your eligibility (2 red shirt and 4 playing years). So if you started college at 18 you couldn’t play after you were 24.

You have to have 12 hours to be eligible. For a JUCO at least, it’s probably the same for 4-year school too.

I don’t know what the rule is now but when I was playing almost 30 years ago you had 5 years to get in 4 years of eligibility. That rule is for NCAA schools. I believe that you can get around it by going to an NAIA school but I’m not certain about any of it.

If you started at the JUCO at 19 you may already have only about a year of eligibility left.

One exception when I was doing it was that time spent in the military didn’t count against the 4 years.