How do you wear your glove?

This is for outfielders mainly but do you guys wear your glove with 2 fingers in the pinkie and close it from the thumb to the pinkie finer slot or do you wear it with normal 1 finger in each slot and close from about the thumb to the middle finger?

I wear my glove with the 2 in the pinkie. It makes a much bigger pocket.

wait, so you put your ring finger in in the pinkie, and shift each finger but the thumb over? ive heard of it, just wondering how you do it.

How could you shift your thumb over? I hold it 1 finger per hole and my index out on the “pad” thing on top.

infield i put one in pinkie to keep the pocket tighter to the ball so i get quicker transfer.
outfieeld i like to go double pinkie, somedays i shift my thumb over somedays i dont,

thats what i do. but i only pitch and play infield (1st and 3rd base). sometimes though i dont put my finger out, and idk why.

When I pitch I put one finger in each but when I play third I put two in the pinky slot and move the fingers over one slot.

I’m an outfielder and I just put it on one finger per hole and my index sticking out.

Two in the pinkey 8)

Ive tried the 2 in the pinkie for the first time and kinda like it. But i still switch back and fourth haha