How do you throw a slider?

I was taught to throw a slider gripped like a fastball and throw it like a football. Please correct my if I am wrong and tell me the way you throw it.

a true slider can be considered as a cutter. Major league cutter usually break only 6 inches across and inches down which is more than enough. I good slider will look and act like a fastball but have a late cutting dropping action across the plate.

A cutter is normal about2 or 3 inches of break jus so it can dive out of the way of the hitters sweet spot or jam him on the hands.

to have an excellent slider you must be able to locate it wherever whenever you like.

to throw one you must stay on top of the ball then cut through it during release.

That is one way to throw it. Remember to pronate after release, just like throwing a football.

Another way is to start with a 2-seam fastball grip. Now move the index next to the middle finger. This is essentially a cut fastball grip. Release should be the same as a fastball, except pressure on the middle finger and the ball should roll of the index finger, but not the index finger and middle finger at the same time. If it rolls of both fingers, it will turn into a cut fastball or even a hanging slider. One trick you can do is point the index finger upon release to get the correct spin.

If I throw my slider like a football will it hurt my arm?

It won’t hurt your arm, but first off, do you know how to throw a football?

Yes, I can thorw a football a good 60 yards.