How do you throw a sinker?

How do you throw a sinker? How do you grip the ball, arm slot, etc.

i throw it like a 2 seam but put my fingers to the left of the seams a bit

A search would come up with quite a few results. This question is asked a lot around here.

I am a righty so would I split with my pointer and ring over the left seam?

I throw a sinker with a 3/4 delivery and I usually apply extra pressure with my index finger. The movement I get is sink with a bit of run. The grip I use is a plain 2 seam grip (between the narrow of the seams). I’m still working on it.

I should try that and see if it moves for at all.

i think the secret to a good sinker is to get your thumb up on the side of the ball. this allows you to get rotation to the side like a globe (clockwise from over head for righties, counterclockwise for lefties). visualize wiping your fingers across the back of the ball for maximum movement. if you can learn this and throw it for strikes, you can pitch in the low to mid 80s.

this is the pitch that made dizzy dean famous.

Thanks for the post

just play around withthe 2 seam . shift it around in your hand and look 4 movementt

I will[/youtube]