How do you throw a curveball with thighter spin?

Does anyone know how to?

slam the hand on the table

Use fastball arm speed.

Judooooo CHOP!


Well, this is hard over the internet but here goes.

Easy stuff:

  1. make sure the ball is spinning correctly in the first place
  2. Buy a squeeze toy and massage it all the time-finger strength is a big help in throwing breaking pitches.

hard stuff: (hard to visualize)

When you throw your fastball-you think about accelerating your arm from back to front in a straight line or a very very low arc.

When you throw a curve ball, you want the same arm speed-same force- but instead of a straight line or low arch-you want more arch to your motion-not a rainbow (this would be a change up off your curve) but a good low hump. This means most of your acceleration is downward (the karate chop discription) and frankly after you have released the ball.

I hope this makes some sense, Ian.