How do you throw a change-up?

how to throw to change up with movement

There are many grips you can use to throw a change, there is a circle where you throw the circle toward the ground (pronation). There is a vulcan change, palmball, “three-finger fastball” You just got to do some research on to what works for you

Many moons ago, when I was pitching, I had an incredible pitching coach who was an active major-league pitcher and who doubled as an extra pitching coach for the Yankees. He told me that just about any pitch I threw—and I threw a lot of them (not having a fast ball to speak of, I had to go to the snake-jazz)—could be turned into a changeup. It was a matter of altering the grip, loosening up—or sometimes tightening it—and holding the ball way back in the palm of the hand. He demonstrated this for me and said that I could get twice as many pitches. Believe me, I did just that, and it gave the batters no end of conniption fits. You might try doing that with one or two of your pitches. 8)