trying to teach my son to pitch. he is 9 years old. very strong. he is 5’-1" tall and 130 pounds! he throws very hard but when he is delivering the ball i dont see the elbow first, then whip action that you see from power pitchers. he throws from the 90 degree postion (up then straight down). how can i teach him the “hand coming back, elbow in front” before whipping the ball towards the catcher?
signed aggravated

You could do the towel drill, in which you place a small towel inbetween-preferably two fingers, maybe 3 in his case. Have him stand in a good pitching stance, leg extended, toe pointed outward, not yet straight, shoulders parallel, left arm in if he is right handed, back arm out, cocked in about 90 degree angle(not specifically 90 degrees), back hand should be showing in in this situation. Then have him rotate the hips, chest out arm should be coming around, back leg should still be on ground, till his hand reaches to his release point, and then he should sort of snap the towel at a target. Keep his shoulders parallel, key here, head straight, and when he begins to rotate, make sure his chest is out and have his arm come around. Guide him through it, and try and do this infront of a mirror.

Hmm, It would be much easier if someone could just post a picture explaining the technique. I’ll try later.